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Behind the Fine: What Makes Our Jewelry Fine?

Our jewelry isn't meant to be worn for a season and discarded, but sources of happiness meant to bring you a lifetime of enjoyment. Here’s everything we do that puts the “fine” in fine jewelry.

We take great care with every aspect of our fine jewelry, from designing pieces you’ll love, to sourcing and cutting gemstones, to using handcrafted techniques in the production process. It is the use of only the best materials on offer that makes our jewelry “fine” jewelry. These aren’t pieces meant to be worn for a season and discarded, but sources of happiness meant to bring you a lifetime of enjoyment. Here’s everything we do that puts the “fine” in fine jewelry.


Behind The Fine


Part of making fine jewelry is working with only the best in their field. Our manufacturers are spread out all over the world, but what they all have in common is a commitment to the traditional process of making jewelry. This allows us to look to the future by combining the best of the past and the present, using time-honored techniques to fashion timeless designs. The result is a piece of jewelry that can be worn every day, for all of your days, and will always look fresh. All of our items are the unique product of an individual craftsperson. This commitment to quality takes time, but the result is worth waiting for!

Most of our collections are made from 18k gold, offering durability without sacrificing luxury. Our 18k gold alloy gives our pieces their beautiful, subtle hue, whether in yellow, white or rose gold. We also accent our pieces with sterling silver and black rhodium. “Sterling” describes silver that is at least 92.7% pure, while black rhodium is a rare type of platinum that we use to give some of our pieces a dramatic depth and a timeless, vintage look.

Hand setting stones

Active in Every Part of the Process

Our gemstones are cut and polished in our stone lapidary in Jaipur, India, and we take an active part in the entire process, from sourcing to production. We are not only committed to giving you the highest quality fine jewelry. We also have a responsibility to leave the world in better shape than we found it [link to social responsibility].

We set out to spread joy through beauty, and we know that objects meant to bring happiness cannot have their origin in practices that cause harm. If that were the case, have we really made the world more beautiful?

Beauty can’t come out of ugly practices, so we root our work in an ethical sensibility. That’s why we have a zero-tolerance policy toward conflict diamonds. All of our business practices are based on fair and transparent trading. We hold to these principles when sourcing gemstones and metals, when working with suppliers, manufacturers, and other partners, and when serving our customers.

Art is all about capturing a moment and transforming it, allowing us to see our lives and ourselves in different ways. We started Syna with a vision for what jewelry could do as an artistic medium, and how it could capture moments of joy and crystallize them into objects of beauty. We’re so happy to see that vision bear fruit for us and for everyone in the Syna family.

syna vineyard earring sketch details


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