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Now. And Then.

Imagine if we rushed up that little caterpillar to grow into a butterfly in one shot, without letting it go through its natural life-changing process? 

One of the most common ways we slow down our progress is by rushing the process. We want everything right now. We seem to have lost our self-discipline, but what we have really lost is our patience. 

Grass doesn't grow faster by tugging on it. The best things in life don't manifest instantly. We seem to overestimate what we can do in a month and we underestimate what we can do in a few years. We are in love with the result, but not the work - not knowing that it's the work that brings us fulfillment, not the result.

Take your time. Plant seeds. Give things their chance to grow. Keep moving, but don't stress out. Sometimes the best way to arrive on time is to stop running. 

Keep growing a little better than what you were yesterday, life is that simple!