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You Are Not In Charge, Really!

Once you accept that you are not in charge, you can let go. If you are not in charge, it doesn't mean anybody else is either.

Sorry if this comes as a shock but you're not, no matter how much you want to be, no matter how much you think you are, no matter how much you deserve to be. If you are not in charge, it doesn't mean anybody else is either. We may all be on the same runaway train with no driver or there may indeed be a driver (the driver may be insane, drunk, or asleep but that's another thing entirely). 

Once you accept that you are not in charge, you can let go of so much stuff. It's very liberating. Instead of complaining, "Why isn't it like this?" you can accept it isn't and let it go. Instead of metaphorically bashing your head against a metaphoric brick wall, you can walk away whistling with your hands in your pockets - you are after all, not in charge and therefore not responsible. 

Once you get your head around the wonderful concept that you are here to enjoy and not here to run things, then you are free to sit in the sunshine a bit more often and take time off. 

Look, stuff happens. Good stuff and bad stuff. There may or there may not be a driver. You can blame the driver if you want. You can accept that if there isn't a driver, the journey will sometimes be scary, sometimes exhilarating, sometimes boring, and sometimes beautiful (actually whether there is or isn't a driver the same holds true). we have to have both the good stuff and the bad stuff. That's a fact. If you or I were in charge, we'd probably interfere too much and get rid of most of the bad stuff and the human race would die out ever so quickly due to stagnation, lack of challenge, lack of motivation, and lack of excitement. It is, after all, the bad stuff that fires us up, makes us learn, and gives us a reason for living, If it was all good it would be awfully fluffy and boring. 

A slight condition to this one though. You might not be running the show but that doesn't discharge you of all responsibilities. You still have obligations - you still need to be respectful of the world you live in and the people you live in it with - it's just that you don't have overall responsibility for the whole show and everything in it. 

Seeing as you are not in charge you can watch it like a movie and cheer at the exciting bits, cry at the sad bits and hide during the scary moments. But you are not the director or even the projectionist. You are not even the usherette. You are the audience. Enjoy the show.