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Evolve Everyday Through a New Lens

To see what you cannot see, you must break through the beliefs that limit your view. Evolve everyday through new lenses, and by leaving your old judgmental spectacles out.

When we believe we already know something we stop exploring. Beliefs are like conclusions. These conclusions become the lenses through which we see the world. Our beliefs can be so strong that we actually see what we believe. To those with a fearful heart, the world is a dangerous place. To those with a playful heart, the world is a playground. We constantly see what we believe to be true.

If we filter our views through our beliefs, we don't actually see; we project. Projecting leads to judgment; true or false, right or wrong. This is how we learn; this is only how we confirm what we already believe. To discover new truths, we must question our beliefs.

If we want to grow, we must learn to be completely open; to observe without judgment. True learning occurs when we arrive at the same place over and over again until we recognize it for the first time.