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Every Design Has a Story

We can’t go into the past, but we can bring a piece of it into the present and transform it into something that is meaningful to us.

The course of our lives has taken us around the world, from India to the United States and everywhere in between. We’ve found inspiration in every one of those places, from the pink palaces of Jaipur to the shining glass edifices of New York City’s skyscrapers. Architecture certainly inspires us, but the people, the culture, and the history of these places all have stories to tell. While we can immerse ourselves in people and culture, we can’t go into the past, but we can bring a piece of it into the present and transform it into something that is meaningful to us, creating new meanings for old traditions.

But it’s not just these great monuments and lofty ideas that inspire us. As we began looking for inspiration, we quickly learned that it was there to be found in anything. A morning in the backyard, a stroll through the neighborhood, or a deep conversation with friends can become an adventure and inspire your art if you live your life with your eyes open.

Living With Your Eyes Open

That’s really what inspiration is about: living with your eyes open, being receptive to the beauty around you, the beauty to be found in everything from the complex patterns of an ancient bas-relief to the way a spoon resting in a coffee cup reflects the sun. Everything can be a source of inspiration if you’re open to seeing it. Inspiration isn’t something you wait for; it’s something you have to look for and be ready to receive. Everything has a story to tell.

All of those stories, both great and small, find their way into our work. As jewelry designers, we are always looking for ways to crystallize the stories of our lives as a piece of jewelry. It’s why we favor elegant, simple designs that feature bold pops of color. Their clear lines and patterns reveal an inner life, an experience or emotion cast in gold and gemstones. Every design comes from the heart, captures a piece of our lives, and tells the story of a moment.

A Story Belongs to Everyone

A story doesn’t just belong to the teller, either. The listener imparts their own experiences and their own emotions, and by doing so becomes part of the story. That’s how stories remain relevant for centuries, and how a piece of jewelry can remain close to your heart for a lifetime: they’re not just these static moments in time; they continue to grow and evolve and take on new meaning. There’s a spiritual experience in art in that we all experience it together, feel closer to the people around us, and find meaning in the world that surrounds us.

There’s inspiration in everything, a story to be found in every object and every interaction. That’s what we hope to convey in our designs. When you wear a Syna piece, you are sharing in an ongoing story, which will in turn become lasting memories.