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Good Vibes Only

We’re all about spreading good vibes. When we bring that mindset to work, work becomes play, a state of freedom, peace, and joy.

As a family-owned, independent jewelry business, we’re not just about selling jewelry. We also want to use our platform to add more beauty to your life. Every time something new is created, it radiates energy into the world. We learned that back in 2003, the year our first daughter was born and the year we founded Syna. So we want the energy we put out to be positive, to put smiles on faces. We want to create things that are beautiful, things that bring people joy, and things that inspire and uplift.

We see it as our responsibility, in a way. A work of art, whether a piece of music or a piece of clothing, a painting, or a pair of pearl earrings, has the almost magical ability to affect people’s outlooks and emotions. With that in mind, we want our effect to be a constructive one, joyful and peaceful, full of love and laughter.

To put it another way, we’re all about spreading good vibes. When we bring that mindset to work, work becomes play, a state of freedom, peace, and joy. And when we marry our intent to spread good vibes to that sense of play, the result, we hope, is beautiful pieces imbued with these values. Whether we take inspiration from nature, from architecture, or from the wonders of the cosmos, the goal is the same: good vibes only!

Our mission to make the world a more beautiful place is so important to us because we experienced our share of hardships in trying to establish a family and a business in a new country. Syna wasn’t an instant hit. It wasn’t an overnight success for us. We had to keep working hard, even when the sales weren’t there at first while supporting two young children. Staying positive and believing in what we did kept us going. We continued to create with love, and that laid the foundations for success.

Love, Family, Positivity

Love, family, positivity, and community sustained us through difficult times, and we owe so much of our success to those unbreakable bonds. As we’ve grown together, new partners have become a part of that community, and everyone who loves our jewelry has become a part of our family. Those personal bonds we form are one of the great things about being a small company. Together, we can make the world a more beautiful place.

We believe a more beautiful world is a more peaceful and joyful world. We set out with that message in our hearts-whenever we go to work. When you wear a piece of Syna jewelry, you’re wearing a piece of that peace and joy in physical form. And that’s all we really want: to be a beautiful part of your beautiful life.