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Passion comes from Action

Passion comes from Action. It manifests itself as a result of wholehearted effort. You can't discover your passion by thinking about it.

How many of us have said, "I think about it all the time but I can't figure out what my passion is"?

Well, the reason we can't figure it out is that it doesn't work that way. One does not discover passion by thinking about it.

We don't think passion, we experience passion. Passion comes as a by-product of putting effort into something meaningful.

The only way to experience passion is to put effort into that which is important to us. Passion manifests as a result of wholehearted effort. 

Go follow your interests. Experiment, explore, discover. Do things worth doing until you ignite that spark inside yourself. But, remember, igniting your spark is like falling in love.

That's the easy part. Staying in love and weathering the inevitable storms is the hard part.

It takes time, commitment, and continuous effort to keep a fire burning. The more care and effort you put into it: the better it gets. 

You can't discover your passion just by thinking about it.