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In Conversation with Emilia Mincov

Here's a conversation we had with one of our favorite customers, Emilia Mincov from Vancouver, Canada. We think you'll find a little of yourself in her! And don't forget to see the Emilia cosmic diamond band she asked us to create for her.


My name is Emilia and I am a Syna addict. I grew up poor in a socialist country, which collapsed when I was 10 years old. Until then, I only had essential items in my life and not enough of them. I have never seen anything made abroad. And then, suddenly, it felt like a dam had been breached. Everything was available overnight. But money was scarce. I was highly appreciative of anything I was given (chewing gum, anyone?). I quickly learned about quality. I learned that not everything that's shiny is gold. I learned to save, depriving myself of many temptations in order to get that one piece I knew would bring me joy for a long time. I learned the value of patience. I learned the value of craftsmanship.

That brings me to Syna. Jewelry, unlike clothes, shoes, and bags, requires a totally different skill set. Your margin of error is infinitely smaller. Stones are not as forgiving as fabric and leather. You can't cut corners if you know what's good for you. I was never a jewelry girl. Of course, I had a few pieces, but nothing that really excited me. It is really impossible to understand why you like some things and not others. You react to it on a visceral level. You know it has to be yours. That's how Syna entered my life. Many years and many, many pieces later, it's here to stay. Every piece was created not to make money, but because it had to be made. It brings joy to the creators. And it brings joy to me.

My Syna pieces tell stories of a life together – and it’s a beautiful life. 






I live in Vancouver, Canada. And soon, moving to Dubai. 

Never Without

I never take off my wedding ring.


I wear the same bracelet and necklace for weeks until I feel it’s time to switch them up or when there’s an event that calls for a certain piece. I prefer small, discreet items for every day. I can rock a statement piece, however, if I feel like it. Rings are a different story – I pick them depending on my mood on that day.

What Jewelry Means

Jewelry makes me happier. It enhances my mood and adds sunshine to the dreariest of days. If I had to choose one way to make myself prettier – it would be jewelry.

Along with my children's drawings, my pieces mark milestones in my life. Sometimes, though, I buy jewelry just because I want to.

Jewelry Gift

My mother’s friend gave me a silver necklace with my Zodiac sign on my 16th birthday. I loved it so much and that started my love affair with jewelry.

Syna First Look

I first saw Syna at Birks in Vancouver. It's a big jewelry store that carries many brands. There was nothing like Syna there. The funny thing is that I didn’t even ask the name of the brand. I was too mesmerized by the stones to care. I liked the simplicity of the design - just the stone in its naked beauty and nothing else. I didn’t buy just one first piece from Syna – I bought four.

Four Baubles rings - moon quartz, yellow citrine, blue topaz, and pavé diamond. That’s all they carried at that time. There was also a huge black Mogul pendant – I still remember its magical allure. I bought these rings simply because they had to be mine. We (the jewels & I) spoke the same language.

I own quite a few of Syna’s Baubles rings, two Mogul drops, and a Chakra pendant. I can’t get enough of the colors. They are so simple, yet so powerful and unapologetic. They announce their presence quietly but assertively. They command attention in a dignified yet cheerful way. The sheer weight of my Mogul drops makes me feel like an armored knight.


There are three passions in self-adornment for me: jewelry, makeup, and shoes. High heels, red lipstick, and rings – all of these are like a double shot of ristretto for the tired mind. All of them together and each one of them on their own make me feel feminine and beautiful.

Candy Collection

Candy is my love. I don’t have a particular taste in jewelry; when I see a piece, I instantly know whether I like it or not. Candy was love at first sight. The possibilities are vast – you can mix them, you can match them, you can go solo or take a large entourage. As for a favorite – it’s tough to choose, but I’d say the moon quartz and pink diamond pavé Candy pieces.


Syna Gemstones

Syna Gemstones are like a crystal ball - holding promises of laughter and happiness, of which they will be witnesses. They whisper about faraway lands and centuries-long gone. 



There are a few pieces I have my eye on (surprise!) but if I had to choose it would be Syna’s Chakra multicolor bracelet. 


Syna to you 

Syna is like red lipstick. it makes you feel fabulous and powerful. A talisman that brings good luck.