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What's your Bejeweled Personality?

Your personality is a significant factor in your choice of jewelry. When it comes to aesthetics, we all have marked different styles. Alyce Parsons through her Universal Style System has categorized styles and provided guidane to help you determine which style best represents who you are and what you want.

Your personality is a significant factor in your choice of jewelry. When it comes to aesthetics, we all have marked different styles.

Several respected image consultants have developed systems to categorize style personalities. One of the original and best is the Universal Style System, introduced by Alyce Parsons and Diane Parente in the early 1990s. It categorizes styles into seven types: Sporty, Traditional, Elegant, Feminine, Alluring, Creative and Dramatic. It provides guidance to help you determine which style best represents who you are and what you want. 

As you read through these descriptions of personality styles, you may find that more than one of the categories appeals to you. For many people, one category (for example, Classic or Elegant) defines their business look; a second category (for example, Sporty or Feminine) captures how they dress for leisure-time activities, and yet another category (for example, Creative and Alluring), defines their characteristic style for evenings or special occasions. Alternatively, you may find that one of the following personality styles suits you to a tee in all your activities. Either way, remember that the style of your jewelry, like the style of your apparel, speaks volumes about you. 



The Sporty personality likes jewelry that doesn't interfere with an active lifestyle, and, therefore, the pieces tend to be small and unobtrusive. She likes to incorporate natural materials (such a wood or pearls) and often favors amusing and witty pieces incorporating such designs as animals, music, or sporting motifs. The Sporty personality prefers studs earrings or small hoops. Necklaces are worn inside the neckline. In necklaces, she chooses basic pearls, gold link chokers, and novelty pendants on short, fine chains. Brooches are worn n shirt collars or lapels. 


The Traditional personality takes a business-like approach to her jewelry. She wants pieces that work in a professional setting. For her, earrings are small or medium-sized designs that cover her earlobes and do not dangle or otherwise distract with movement. Button shapes and small hoops not large than the size of a quarter are both appropriate. Since she may favor jewel necklines, matinee-length pearls and 24-inch chain or bead necklaces that can overlie those necklines are often part of her working wardrobe. Brooches are conservatively styled. often in bar or circle shapes, and are worn on lapels or shirt collars. Suites of jewelry - that is, matched sets- are favored by the Traditional personality. 


The Elegant personality dresses impeccably and with refined restraint, focusing on superior design and workmanship. Her jewelry choices, like her clothing, are understated with clean lines. She wears designer earrings, often in rounded button shapes, but always of timeless design. She wears necklaces of all lengths, sometimes in multiples (a la Coco Chanel), and she may combine chains with beads and pearls. Brooches are beautifully crafted statement pieces. The Elegant personality likes to wear designer jewelry for its association with quality and status.


The Feminine personality is romantic, favoring flowers, ribbons, and bows. She typically likes vintage pieces featuring lacey openwork or other fine details. The lines in her jewelry are soft and rounded. Bracelets are delicate bangles or link styles (such as charm bracelets), worn loosely on the wrist. Necklaces are delicate and are of short or medium length. Brooches contain fine detail and will often reflect romantic themes.


The Alluring personality likes to project a sexy or glamourous image. She takes a "look at me" approach to dressing. Her jewelry often includes movement and undulating designs. She often wears jewelry to bring attention to the part of her body that she wants to be noticed. Earrings are large hoops, drop earrings, chandeliers, or other long styles, and usually have movement. She favors lariat necklaces and long necklaces knotted to lie close to her body and bring attention to her cleavage. Bracelets dangle; brooches generally are used only to highlight specific portions of her apparel, such as the dip of a low neckline. 


The Creative personality has an artistic nature and likes to bring an element of originality into her apparel and accessories. Imaginative and unconventional, she thinks rules are meant to be broken. She piles on eclectic accessories or puts together unconventional mixes of classic items. Ethnic or Gothic are but two sub-categories of jewelry she may favor. Nothing demure in accessories for this woman! She'll wear huge earrings, brooches, and complex necklaces, sometimes all at once. She'll also use jewelry in creative ways - for example, wearing two different earrings or multiple earrings on one ear, or placing brooches in creative spots such as on a sleeve, at the back shoulder of her dress, or pinned to a boot.


The Dramatic personality conveys a confident, authoritative style by the use of strong, even severe accessories. More than any other personality type, the Dramatic woman's style is typified by strong, clean lines, and she characteristically wears one bold statement piece of jewelry. Her earrings are oversized, geometric shapes. Bracelets are wide sculpted cuffs or highly structured rigid links. Necklaces are oversized and sculpted and wor close to the neck. Styles of brooches she favors may include Art Deco and abstract, asymmetrical designs.